Re-Elect Robert Barlow, Public School Trustee
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Media Release from Ontario Public School Boards Association

The most important job people could care less about

School board trustees, serving as the board of trustees, have a very important role but that role is very much behind the scenes
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Later High School day start shows gains for students
So this is an article about a study that shows academic gains for High School Students by starting the day 30 mins later.  This is something i am very supportive of.  Starting the day at 8am at our local Stoney Creek High Schools may be too early for some students.  The day ends early as well.  By moving the start time back to 830am or even 900am may produce academic gains locally.  We have talked about this briefly at school councils and at Ward Information Nights, but the issue of transportation seems to be getting in the way.  This is due to the busses doing double and triple runs.  After picking up and dropping of the High School students, the busses pick up and drop off elementary students.  To make it happen would mean a start after elementary school bell times and thus a day ending after elementary days end creating concern about older siblings watching younger siblings after school.  It is a topic that i would like to see more study on locally.  Maybe during the upcoming High School Area Accomodation Review process starting January 2011. Let me know your thoughts.
Here is an interesting video on social media that we need to remember as we continue to teach our students for the future.  Our job at the HWDSB is to teach students today for jobs that do not yet exsist and to solve problems that have not yet occurred. It is facinating times.
Did you know 5 is another American produced video about how fast our times are changing - but it is relevant to us here in Canada as well.